Beyond acts

I have the loveliest folks. Woke up this morning to babyrui’s giggling and running around the house. Turns out he had stayed over last night as his parents were busy. My sis brought babyboo over and then took babyrui to school. This is what a loving extended family-ship looks like!

Mom spoke to me about our neighbour’s dire circumstance, and neighbour 11 storeys below us. She had been giving them bread for a while now, but she says things are getting worse for them, so we’re going to get more canned food and dried foods for them. Something they can eat instantly, rather than having to cook, cos the only able one in the household has fallen to sickness.

My folks have spent their entire lives helping out people outside our family. At times, I do wonder if they can be materially better off if they take care of just themselves rather than others. Yet, if we talk about individual vortices, it is probably in each’s personal vortex to give. Or are there hidden beliefs?

I don’t know, I am pulling out many old beliefs related to this as I embrace Universe’s abundance. So, there really is a very fine line, a line we do not notice and cannot differentiate, until we examine it case by case. I am happy to give when I can, but I no longer feel the obligation to (or sympathy towards) give just because I feel bad if I don’t. I no longer feel like I have to meet (self-imposed) expectations of (my) society and going to extremes in order to feel I have done ‘enough’ for the world and to ease my own conscience.  This is why the fine line is really fine – it is not just the act of doing something, but the authentic intention and the emotions tied to the act.

Anyway, I am glad to say

  1. I am proud of my folks;
  2. I feel really honoured to be brought up in such a bighearted family;
  3. I am so blessed to learn Theta, and thus able to not have my older generations’ actions turn into my (and future generations’) obligations;
  4. And, this is the kampung spirit (village neighbourliness) that we need to instill in future generations!

The ‘I’ needs to look beyond itself, before it can look at building up itself.

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