Arid Exploration

Karin’s soul alignment reading was very useful, in a very practical sense. I have made my tangible goals – 1 Meetup a week, meet up with 1 friend a week. With sufficient space to get 1 cold feet or 1 lazy day, I would be able to meet that “3 times a month”. My dosage of spiritual medicine!

Celebrate differences! Yea, so I did! Today’s was to an Akashic Meetup. The advertisement looks very Indian, and the location is in little India. I don’t have many Indian friends, however culturally diversified Singapore has advertised herself to be. Not to talk about the prejudices we were brought up with, from last generation, which I still am seeing now.

I was pretty skeptical when I stepped in, and saw the posters and the figures of deities. Oops. Clearly my mistake. I sat through the session, and half my head was caught up in “why am I here” and “why am I brought here”, and half-figured it is for my space and my muse to get some writing done. Yup, haven’t written in a week!

It was very interesting. People queue up to ask one (or two) questions or blessings, and have them answered. This is the kind of stuff I see on TV (when I used to watch TV)! Then I saw how lucky I am and have always been (and shall always be!! #gratitudetoUniverse): the questions people are what I could conveniently theta up to Creator and ask / clear it up. Not everyone has realized their ability to do that.

I did not want to ask at first, but could not help myself. So I asked “what is my life purpose” and was told it was to be in the satsanga circle. ?????????? The facilitator explained to me afterward, so I figured it’s more or less the same as what others have said, just in a different language.

It was a pretty arid exploration for me, I had to dig through my brains to figure what lesson I got out of attending this: 1. Pick wisely and do homework! Time is a precious commodity and while 2hours may not sound like much, I could have spent that 2hours eating somewhere nice. But then again, I would then not have met my target of 1meetup a week. 2. I got to understand what people want to know. About the ‘mystical’ side of life. 3. I got to see how the ‘guru’ concept works, and I got to understand why people need to go to masters for guidance.

We are all really on different stretches of the spiritual journey. And if I really want to be living my life purpose, I have to accept this as a fact, rather than my head in the clouds of “we are all one”, “we are all divine”, “we all have infinite love and wisdom from above”. Yes, we do, we also all need to let go of our disbelief of that fact, and we are all on different parts of that learning curve, and therefore need different types of guides for that purpose.

Ego did come in a few times, the facilitator was kind enough to give me a healing, after our conversation discussing the meaning of my life purpose. He told me what he saw while giving me the healing. It was nice. My ego was not so nice – Ego said (to myself) “haha, don’t try to cheat aunties with the I-see-this and I-see-that. Others may think you are amazing and kowtow to you, but it is a gift we all have”. ┬áBut Self had better sense than that, so we chatted on the possibilities of what that imagery could have meant.

Well, it was a really good break for my soul to breathe a little, and ponder more questions than my menial work at hand. Sky reminded me to spend some time on introspection, to visualize what I really want, and I am thankful that I dug out the time today to do that.

And what Karin asked about my journey to having my career aspect aligned so well, and use that approach to align the other aspects that are all over the place? I see now, and I see how I am starting on the journey now.

Remember, horror vacui. Universe abhors a vacuum.


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