Rants always help

It’s all clear now. After the exasperated post earlier, which sent steam fleeing, I am now vividly seeing the purpose behind.

First and foremost, I am seeing it as a warning. The same kind of bewildering warning as what left me frustrated when I could not understand the message “no school. No one left in school”. That was in fact, the most powerful prophecy I had seen in my life then. That also showed me how little we know about the much bigger picture Creator has for us. I believe this whole parasitic episode is a foreboding sign too. I had that feeling much earlier, and also knew there are 15more months to go. Setting the scene, I’d call this.

Secondly, it is a mirror again. Shining right up my vain face, on the beliefs that I have yet to clear. It is so easy to fall into complacency mode, into thinking “hey yo, I have cleared enough crap, I can now enjoy life and just watch it fly me by”. Just like when I sat in front of Dr Liew, and told him “oh shux, I had not been taking care of my system. I was so much more regimental in upkeeping my physical body when I was toiling up in the underdeveloped mountains”. Complacency. The exact quality I have always been complaining about my country folks. Tada, mirror again – the pot calling the kettle black.

Lastly, it is probably an experience I needed (/etherically wanted) to accumulate, for some purpose it has to serve much later on. Or maybe now, to accompany my little brother on his purgeyjourney too. Maybe.

Oh. Time for news! My little brother is on the news today. I am so proud of him (despite him already skipping the gut cleanse regime on just day 2!).

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