Rise of the parasites

I had a massive attack by parasite this Thursday, after a lunch with an ex-colleague. It was a horrifying experience – my nose was running non-stop, and my ears were blocked, and I was walking around in a vacuum which felt worse than that of a cold. Friday was not any better, and my wrecked body gave way on Saturday. Luckily Dr Liew happened to have an available slot for me.

I presume I am not the only one who take for granted that living in a developed country, we should be more or less safe from any of these icky stuffs. I recall my conversation with my brother since our Cambodian trip together, which would have been a good seven years ago. He had been trying different ways to clear his body or parasites or at least the suspicion of it, and we had been guess it must have been something picked up from Cambodia.

I picked mine up from a Japanese restaurant in a club in Singapore. What the hell. Myth debunked, they do appear in very developed areas. Raw fish, no more. I cannot believe it. On Friday, we were still trying to attribute that to either dairy or MSG. Friday night was a horrifying nightmare for me. I woke up with pain in my thigh muscles and limpness in my right arm, and numbness in my left arm. I was kept awake all night, trying to find the perfect position to get back to sleep. Nope, it did not happen. My ears were in pain, and so was my nose! My entire sinus area was sore, and my eyes could not focus.

THIS is the time i realised that an eye is also a muscle. And that parasites can really mess up our muscles. I was pretty freaked, I didn’t even know what it was until I went to Dr Liew. Well, I am now back on the gut cleanse regime, to purge these icky creatures out from everywhere in my body. Liver cleanse, gastro-intestinal cleanse, I don’t know what else. I also realise that these creatures are very punctual! Growl. So yes, it really does take a strict well-timed regime to fight them. I am angry. Growl.growl.GROWL.

The good part of this episode is that my little brother is joining me in the parasite purge exercise, although he’s doing only the 3 week version of it.

Energetically, I remember doing the exercise with theta during one of the workshops. Found this link that refreshed my memory of what we did and what to be careful of. And then I realise too, that part of the reason why it happened in the physical body was because energetically I had allowed some parasitic people to get too close to me. People who need attention, people who antagonise other people to get attention, people who try to guilt-trip people into giving them attention (or whatever). I really should have known.

Ah well, I have done my cord-cutting, and my energy shield. So, NO, you are not going to get anything out of me. Everything is fair, Creator is fair, the Universe is fair. I am only answerable to Creator, in terms of all integrity and fairness and balance. I don’t owe you anything, we all pull our own weight, do our own thing, in our own vortex. STAY IN YOUR OWN VORTEX AND GET OUT OF MINE. I don’t have to applaud or support or entertain your antagonism. Nobody has to. I don’t even need to afford you a smile for the shitty attitude you pull.

I am in my own vortex. I stay cleanly in my own vortex.


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  1. Raj Krishna says:

    Rise of antibiotic resistant microbes could be one of the reason behind this parasites’ attack.


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Eeks. It’s unfair in a way! I have always been a responsible world citizen who try not to take antibiotics!! 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Raj Krishna says:

        Even other people using antibiotic rampantly could led to rise of this new variety of microbes, and no one is safe irrespective of taking or avoiding antibiotic


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