Spring is Coming!

So I had my first celebration for this year. ❤

In a country of 365 days of summer (outdoors, and winter indoors), I know *when* spring arrives. Because ….. my birthday celebration starts! I have always been an egotistic child, benchmarking every darn thing of significance (or of no significance) to my birthday! And I probably write about this every year! I am somewhat like a goldfish repeating the same story when I reach full circle around my little fishbowl.

We learn about spring equinox in high school geography, and I will always go “it’s my birthday!”. In uni architecture and urban design classes, I would naturally pick the spring equinox for my sunlight / daylight / overshadow studies, and chirp “I chose this date because it’s my birthday!” I guess that’s how my reputation of ditsy-ness arose.

All my life, I groused about no one sharing a birthday as me (either that, or i am So Darn Special). All of a sudden, sometime in 2012, I celebrated my birthday with two other farmers. Very philosophical and spiritual “farmers”. It was awesome. One was the representative for anthroposophy in this region, and the other was the dean of a university. And I was the newbie farmer riding on their awesomeness. A year later, I found two others who shared my birthday – a friend’s husband, and my nephew. SO, I am not alone. 🙂 and we are *all* special. 🙂 The best of both worlds.

I am pretty happy today, in tiny little ways, despite tiny little accidents.

It was a get-to-know-each-other brekky session with my little bro, as he probed further into my stint in Thailand. So I told him the stories and also showed him pictures of the “neighbourhood”. It is great when you can google these right off the phone. He was pretty amazed at the scale of Mae La – not just the population size, but the land size too. And Mae La is indeed a pretty sight (if we do not delve on the societal aspect of it). We chatted about whether doors are locked, cos apparently the villages he worked in Maldives do not. We chatted about food, and he says there is really nothing much to lament about because it is like that everywhere. Which is true. We can go all emo about plights, but the truth is, it is just the way it is. We make change to people’s lives, but there is really only so much that can be alleviated, and there is not much point in any lamentation, and it is definitely not because we are defeatists. We just understand the practicality of it all, and where we want to put in that energy.

Wow, I have moved on so so much from 2008. Defeatist – that was me in 2008. Threw my hands up in the air in an outburst of “there is so much poverty in the world, how do you expect me to sit in office and draw plans”.

We all grow up. Maybe wiser. Maybe more jaded. Maybe just getting to the Truth of it all.

Shrugs. I guess I am at peace. With this Truth, of this Moment.

Maybe, just maybe. All perspectives change again tomorrow.

We really never know.

Life. Birth. and my Day. 2 more days to the birth of Spring. of this Year.

春分。Spring breaks. 🙂


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