This has been such a trendy word in my time. Design really does have some fashionable periods.

As I pull myself away from design and the pretty things that my attention always goes to, I start to wonder what really constitutes Minimal. As minimal as it gets would be something  in the strictest sense of Essential. Breathing is essential, I guess the first thing in absentia that can cause our deaths would be not being able to breathe? Well, or if the heart stops, or if our brain or some other organ stops. Hmm. Anyway, I digress.

Breathing is something that comes to us so naturally that we do not put enough attention on it. We were never taught how to breathe. We were taught how to drink water, how to eat, but not how to breathe. Do you know that the quality of breathing makes a huge difference to our vitality? I was reminded to do Breath of Fire yesterday, cos I was in such a shitty irritable mood, and things weren’t going well. My body was uncomfortable and congested, and I could not even sit still in the bus ride.

I was so angry. So darn angry, because I know where that crap energy came from. It annoys me when people who don’t take care of themselves spread their crap energy around.. I would even consider that contamination. But then, think again: we really are hold our own vortices, there must be something in the frequency that is allowing that to happen.

Two trains of thoughts: 1. practice self-love and cut out toxic people (in this case, energy vampires); 2. practice and rise above. I guess we can choose, and I definitely will choose to cut them out so that I can rise above. It’s such a beautiful, loving and non-judgemental ideal to say embrace all, they will get there at some point, so we need to help them up, and they are shining a mirror up to show us where we need more practice so as to rise above. Totally agree on that point, but, there is also that possibility that our lesson is to learn how to cut away from toxic people, or at least to put up sufficient and substantial boundaries to keep them away from holding us back and pulling us down?

I was going to rant a whole chunk of words that will just showcase my OCD in energetic boundaries, but I don’t really want to get there. Anyway, I guess we just have to watch our own, because not everyone has that sense of it. Not much point complaining. I shall just breath-of-fire my rants and complaints away.

Haha. I feel better already. 🙂 Words help. Blocking people help too. 🙂

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