A rose by any other name

Will still smell as sweet. Isn’t this a very known term? Or do I store too much peripheral information in and around me?

So I re-started my yoga lessons again. With a small little baggage on my shoulder, I continue on my journey again. What a difference spiritual work makes! Just two months away on the ground, my health dropped a notch. I thought it was time to reconnect with my naturopath. I don’t regret it though, it was such a great opportunity to get my little bro started on a health journey. Two days of breath of fire, I suddenly recall how it feels to be Light. Being merely on ground is a little like a frog in boiling water – you slowly die inside, and takes an external jerk to flip you out into safe environs.

I was happy after the session. I saw the amount of Light, I saw and felt what high vibrations are, once again. I forgot. My body forgot. My body got acclimatised to the earthly vibrations. It took unearthly annoying frequencies to jerk me out of the lowness,  and that leap brought me back right up to Light again. I am thankful.

Earth is not bad. Earthly frequencies are really not bad. It is just having felt the fine embrace of the angelic frequencies and the consciousness of the masters, it is definitely more enjoyable and well-worth it to be in their frequencies instead. The amount of Light, wow. How the heck did I slide back to earth! I’m such a toad. Acceptance really does nothing for me here.

Anyway, that was surely an exemplary showcase of the difference between psychic abilities and consciousness level. Throughout this earthly stint of pure grounded-ness, I was still very much able to see a lot of the non-physical realm and “reality”. I was still able to look at a still photograph and see moving images (just like in Harry Potter, I’m serious!). I was still able to sense things that are not known in this human reality. That must be why I was still under the impression that all was good, my energy was clean and happy. How misleading! Please remind me not to fall for this trap again.

Three young ladies saw flowers today – two saw white lotuses, one saw a flower with elongated petals (she was told it was a rose) and started questioning. So I just rattled “a rose by any other name will still smell as sweet”, and was rather taken aback she (they) do not know this phrase. [I’m such a snob, I was so taken aback when my dad told me he does not know who Salvador Dali is (when we were chilling out at Dali’s house!)]. So I reminded her that words are merely labels that human beings come up with and slap on things, and that everyone’s truth is different, and no one is right nor wrong. It is a rose to whoever (energetically) showed the rose to her, she is not wrong either because that is not her idea of the rose. Wasn’t there some literature written about the Black Rose too? Basically, the crux of it could just be to not hold too rigid an understanding of something, be it an object or a concept. Things evolve! Circumstances evolve, people change, we discover new things. You cannot hold a childhood concept hostage and demand that it applies to adulthood.

I love answering questions. It’s like “yay, finally the peripheral (a.k.a useless) information can be put to some use”.

My question to Universe – can breath of fire give a fresh breath of life to my poor dead-ed phone? Please show me a miracle!!!!!! 🙂 ❤

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