Breaking the curse of Asian values

Had a brief but deep chat with my cousin after the ancestral healing session yesterday. During the time that our family line was clearing, she could also feel that same buzzing in her left brainosphere, and the pain in her right ankle. The exact same sensation I had.

We chatted about the concept of filial piety. It is one of the virtue or virtuous value that we were very strongly brought up to have, and any deviance is more than frowned upon, in fact is viewed as a shame, something that everyone else in society was given that “right” to point fingers and make their very unkind comments. There is even a very strongly upheld Confucian Way about that.

I absolutely agree it is a great virtue to have, and I am very proud of this Asian value that runs in all of us. BUT, it had not reached out to the broader perspective of Creator’s Love for us. The Love that is all compassionate and respectful to all beings, and recognises that we are all here to learn our own lessons, and that filial piety is not the utmost priority, because with His Love, is also Self-Love.

He created us as who we are, and we need to face and embrace that. We need to love ourselves, our ways,  with all due respect to others (not just our parents, not just our elders), and no other human being has the right to judge who is right and who is wrong, and who is above all others.

That is how warped our strict adherence to a belief – that we have lost the balance of all other values.

Remember Love. Not just love for what is ‘culturally right’.


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  1. Your Creator loves you so much!! 🙂

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      He loves all of us sooo much!! ❤

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      1. Yes He does 🙂 I pray blessing and His goodness to surround and lead your life.

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