Computing class!

My mom is going for computer class tomorrow! I am so impressed. All her life, she has never used one, not even the iPad to get to Youtube for Oliver. She has amazingly never really used a remote control before either! Her exerting control remotely is by “hey, channel 8 please” or “hey, channel U please”. Well, at least she knows how to turn the TV off.

The cutest was when she asked me “once I learn to use the computer, I’ll also be able to use the phone, right?” as she asked for a spare iPhone to bring to class. Oh well. By the way, my mom does not have a mobile phone. The most mobile is our wireless phone running on landline. Well, at least she knows how to dial on that wireless phone.

It is really quite funny, my dad is like the super advanced tech guy his generation around here. So much such that my bro talked to him about teaching computer classes to our neighbourly folks, to no avail though.

I used to be like that, but now, just a little like that. My brother does everything for me, if I do not have to press the Power OnĀ button on the computer, I probably would not even know what a PC looks like. Unbelievably, it still happens now and then – e.g. I was faced with not knowing how to turn on my iPhone (one of those new launches) or how to restart it, or how to adjust the volume.

Sighz. Maybe there’s something to heal down this ancestral line. :/


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