Blindly sown

A thought came to me today ~ how important it is to take shape our perspectives on matters in our world. It is the framework that we view happenings in our lives, and whether we are wearing rose-tinted glasses, anti-UV ones, really does colour the way the world appears.

This is probably what the wise ones meant when they say we have to watch our thoughts, be careful with our thoughts. Watch our words, be careful with our words. I believe it is important too to watch what we hear, and be careful with what we hear. What we listen to, or what we choose to listen to, sows a kind of seed in our little minds, which then shapes how we perceive the situations in our little lives.

Today was a day that I felt emotionally stable, and I think it was because I have finally sorted out within me, how I want to perceive certain situations. I guess the other perspectives did not give me the sense of peace that I need, or the peace of mind that I need. They may make me feel smarter, more cautious, and therefore more “above others” (nehnehnibooboo, i am not stupid, I pre-empted your moves kind of Smart-Ass), but they do not give me that peace within.

This is probably also why we should not hold too rigid a belief on how “things should be”. The “should be” is based on what we have experienced, what we have perceived to be right, but how about all the rest of the “correctness” that we have yet to experience, and thereby humanly classifying them as “shouldn’t be”.

Anyway, moral of the story: do not blindly sow ideas in people nor allow people to blindly sow ideas in you. The Universe is too big to censor out the infinite possibilities it beholds.

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