Everytime is the right time. Every moment is the right moment.

REALLY?? It is tough to buy into that theory. But then again, that is precisely why I’m not in ultimate ZEN mode yet. Imagine, if we were to crystallize all these worldly spiritual teachings, it just boils down to the fact that every moment is the right moment, and we should just live and breathe it. All the quotes about not living in the past because it does not serve us any purpose (learning from it is different from still living in it), and not living in the future because we really never know how much future we may have (yet still having to have a goal in mind to steer us in a direction forward).

Ah well, it’s too early in the morning to get too wistful or philosophical about life. I woke up angry thing morning, and it was a weird feeling. It was sort of angry, yet emotionally not angry, I find it hard to describe. I woke up angry – if we are in a business partnership, why the heck should my side be bearing the risks, and then your side just enjoy the benefits? Yet, I was emotionally not angry at all – “what the heck… but anyway, there are more important things to feel about than being angry about this”. It is so strange, maybe this really is the new ReBirth of Me. It is after all GOOD FRIDAY!!!!

I guess this is how it feels like to be centred? And I guess too, this is the positive side of Ego? In the whole story of Self and Ego, Ego definitely has its purpose and will serve its purpose. It is only a matter of the balance of Who Leads, and How to Follow? Ego definitely is serving its purpose here *pat on the back* in reminding me that there needs a balance in the world of giving and taking. Being mindful of this fact, and how close to the line we are, is important. There is no need to be emotional about it, but we need to notice, be aware and sense it.

Life. I thought I got the hang of it (life hacked!) and pretty much enough, but NOOooooooo. There is still so much to learn. So many more lines to explore.

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