Whimsical Amusement

I had the oddest “argument” last night. Till now, I am not sure if I am peeved or amused. Was absolutely knackered from work last night, but the little episode sort of broke that tiredness~

A good analogy would be: OCD artist carefully and methodically painting details, leaned back to admire her painstaking work, and in hopped a brash child out of nowhere. He took a paintbrush, smeared a few lines, glanced at it “why would it matter? It is not much work!” and gleefully (and in the most oafish manner) splattered strokes of careless colours all over.

So that was what happened last night. Totally what-the-f**k but oh well. I cannot believe I am so zen about it. But then again, one really cannot blame a person who knows no better.

“I have no time for that” and “it is not even much work” are such contradictory terms. If it is not much work, you (oafish blabfish) should have no problem delivering on time, right? Yet, you are complaining that you don’t have time to do this and that.

It is funny. Does God give all of us 24hours, and you just 20hours? I am sorry you are so shortchanged, life is so unfair to you.

Maybe I should rename this post to “letter to the odd oafish blabfish”. Hehe. The joys of writing!


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