Radiating Love

Radiating love, ideals, and all that stem from Love.

After exactly a week of rest, I have finally regained consciousness and back to reality, and now eschewing all that had happened in the one-week-whirlwind of executing the past half a year of planning. More than relief, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Not that I have successfully completed a workshop event, but that I have come so far and have yet again, crossed another threshold. Universe is so supportive in providing me this abundance of opportunities – each one a stepping stone to the next.

I recall from my first year in high school. As quarter mistress from a young age of thirteen, I organised a day of games for the entire orchestra and the alumni. I was in despair then, although everyone thoroughly enjoyed it with wonderful feedback, I was biting on the details that did not happen (which no one noticed, because they did not happen). As we grow older, we organised more and more stuff for school. And as we grow older, we take more and more things in our stride. By University, putting up games and manning stalls for an entire cohort was already a run-of-the-mill errand.

Then life turned commercial. I worked part-time for Australian Open (Tennis) working on their temporary infrastructure – strategy, design and implementation to the tiniest details of ensuring the air conditioners are held up steadily in place. To the selection of furniture and flooring materials of how best to solve temporary landscape looking so permanent and classy. It was great. I spent a year counting toilets and trying to convince my boss then to provide more for the ladies. Haha. How I loved it when the event arrived each year, and then watching millions of people queueing at the toilets, and thinking aloud “I thought I put in 92 nos over here..” and “told you we needed more ladies!” I loved going to the mini overhead bridges to solve the Melbourne wind problem (very windy, we had to hold down this, that, and whatnots).

First year of corporate work in Singapore, I was roped into the committee to organise fun things for the company. It was great fun. My boss always asked “are you busy doing the fun things again?”, although most of my work hours were doing HIS fun things – I was travelling everywhere to run his projects and prepare for / attend his seminars. So fortunate was I, we held it at St Regis, the highest class/star hotel in Singapore then, and it was new, and the building was signed by the BigBigBoss.

Then I moved to Shanghai. Yearly events were held, all run by G then, who is my biz partner now. I just hung around the events that were held, and got to osmosize the peripheral knowledge I suppose. But the usual, my focus was always on just pretti-fying things, so I was never sure how much information got assimilated.

I guess they all did assimilate, and things did happen smoothly. G was so supportive and keeping an eye out where my sleepy eyes never saw. A little prodding, a little nudging, and quite a bit of directing, all the pieces of the puzzles are held so tightly together, nothing fell through the gaps. I am so so so so so thankful. I am really lucky and blessed, guarded by all kinds of angels.

Dad stood by me, day and night. Quietly stood by me when I was somewhat near breaking down at times. He heard me, guided me, and did everything within his means to make my life easier. As I went through the photos, I was a little sad that there were hardly any of me (vanity. hah!), but was so happy to see my dad everywhere! From when I was four (as far as I can remember), Dad brought me to see nature, farms, development . I guess that was how the awareness of technology and development became instilled in me. Since young, he brought me to so many places, and explained everything he knew. That was how knowledge was osmosized, knowledge that I probably did not expect to be of use. I recall him bringing me to the Jurong Hilltop every evening to watch the oil-refinery island burn. They get bigger and then they get smaller. What use is that for me to see? Well. Twenty years on, I worked on the planning of Coode Island, and the memories of watching chemical fires did come into very good use.

I am so happy. I am so happy to see how small things lead up to today. I am glad to see how I could scale up from humanitarian / development work to youth leadership workshops of today. I am nervous about tomorrow. I am not sure what tomorrow holds. But I put full faith in Universe, that tomorrow will only get Bigger. and Better.

For now, enjoy with me some video clips documenting the big one-week-whirlwind that just passed me by.

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