What if I really am outrageously happy?

Dear Serapis Bey,

Thank you so much for guiding me via Zeo last week. It has indeed highlighted many beliefs and traits subconsciously and unconsciously lurking in my “space”. “Space” with respect to lineage, with respect to karmic ties, with respect to environment.

But my.. oh my .. with regards to work, and direction, I guess I have no idea what I was exactly asking, and therefore I now have no idea what exactly you are answering. I now understand what you mean by “I am The Creator”, life is really in my hands. The lazy part of me says “I am the Co-Creator”, henceforth shirking 50% of the responsibility to Him above. I now know what you mean by sending the order to the Universe so it can be delivered as I wanted, but that I need to know my order clearly first. A slab of lettuce, not just any vegetable.

Oh. Now I know why I am writing this. Because I threw a dart in the air to ask about my direction, not knowing what I was exactly asking, it does not mean that I am lost, nor that I am directionless. It can be (and it probably well is) that the Mind just needs to wonder and question and question and wander to fulfil its function as The Mind. I started writing this post, because I was wondering “well, i am very happy with what I am doing, and I am very well happy with what I am learning, what-the-heck-are-you-telling-me to take action on?” I guess now i know, if this is what I am happy with, I can send further orders to say “heyyyyyyy Universe, I love this, can I have more of it please?”

“Can I have it Bigger, and Better?”

“Can I have it a little later, so I can digest and enjoy this little sense of fulfilment and satisfaction a little longer?”

I am not greedy, I know I am not. If my purpose and mission in life be to help whoever I can, and to stretch the Love out to the people meant to receive it, and to guide people onto the path of His Wisdom, then of course it is a great deal to the world to have it Bigger, and Better, right? 🙂 🙂

Thank you. I guess me writing this letter to you have sort of answered my own questions. Thank you for guiding me to write this, while  you answer with every letter appearing on screen. 🙂 🙂

Pinggles enjoying life’s little jinggggles.


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