Tender my goodbye

Tendering my goodbye~ Today is a day I reaffirmed my three-year-old decision to step out of the industry / profession in my home country.

A comment affected me quite abit post-presentation. I was not exactly shocked, but I am very heavily disappointed. Honestly, we had thought it was a naive belief or way of working, if as delineated, and therefore took the liberty of redirecting them by proposing how it should work from the upstream all the way to the downstream.

It is unfortunate, that THAT is precisely the belief they have held on to, and therefore, things still have to fit into the already minute parochial box they have drawn. Innovation? You want to talk about innovation while keeping inside your box? Here you have in front of your eyes, a platform that can lift you up to have a broader view of the big world available to you. While all you can see is, “no no, you have to fit inside that little step that I have drawn up for you”. Have a look, enjoy the view first, before you decide you want to keep yourself in that hole.

If I sound annoyed, indeed I am. Maybe I take social responsibility too much into my hands and viewpoints.

Role of industry leaders would be to lead the industry, isn’t it? If they do not, sooner or later, the masses will overrun them, and then who are these leaders going to lead then? If the top (or the front) have such an insular view of what they can and want to achieve, while people look to them for direction / knowledge / leverage, then how far or high can that platform / springboard take them?

This (/here) is no longer the world where we look to the “big guys” for directions anymore. We can only look inwards to our higher guidance, or do the analyses and make judgements for ourselves. I am so darn lucky to always be surrounded by visionaries and never had to face such disappointing outlooks.

The other pat-on-the-back I am giving myself is my choice to pursue a bigger broader world out there. And of course, registering myself in a big country who is continuing to reach out to the bigger broader world out there.

It’s a world of opportunities out there… please stop this inward spiral and look up and out.

I heave a sigh of relief that I have vented these, and now ready to sleep, and embrace the world again tomorrow.


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  1. Innovation and thoughts outside the box are not always welcome (although the banner will say differently). Short term vision is what hinders innovation many of the times in the industry. I am sorry to hear that your experience is leading you toward a goodbye. Thanks for sharing the story and the thoughts. Have a wonderful weekend.


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