I’m pretending to be a local enjoying the Parisienne spectacle. Pretty bad at that, I would say! I cannot bring myself to face the dusty roads as I sip my cocktail, my eyes more on my glass fearing the sprinkling of fairy DUST all over my precious ice cold drink.

A short span of ten days and I have collected quite a few of “made in France”. It is rather unbelievable, but I’m pretty sure there’s something magical in it – me forgetting about sunnies, my transition specs and … so I found myself with an exemplary experience of going to the optometrist here and of course th ultimate loot – a pair of really funky wood-frame glasses. Or, make it two. Dang! Ouch, with that warm tingling feeling in my heart. I do love it much!

And a shopping leather tote, meticulously crafted by the street side vendor at the artist market! With such wonderful and quality artworks from these independent makers, why do people still come here and buy Longchamps and LVs that are nowhere near the quality mark they are paying for?

Life has become so superficial, I think many judge the quality by the brand .. but big brands nowadays are inclined to be made in China (=slipshod and poor quality).

Ah well. Anyhow, I am happy to pay the equivalent price for a street side independent artist and that’s my choice (and I shall not question others for choosing otherwise).

Also made a pre-collection purchase, meaning – *drumroll* I bought a bag available only next year March. Hahahah. Happy birthday in advance, dear me. 😀 but I got to choose my own eccentric colour scheme!

This is rather fun. I’ve also bought a Monet book for children, Monet calendars, and a cutesy lunchbox and cutlery it. Such a sucker, me.

Is it too early in the week to count down to a French Riviera weekend with Matisse? Hahahahahahahhaah.

I love my life. ❤

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