The Body

I woke up at 13:00hours in the afternoon! A brief dingding message steak on my phone at around 9 in morning and then it was back to dronezone. How can anyone sleep so much!
The physical body must have been exhausted beyond what the mind can comprehend!

The Mind

Mind probably recovered by the typical number of jetlag hours and was up and running by Monday. Waking up by the sound of alarm Babyboo at 7:30 and ready to leave for work as he heads off to school. And then shuts down again at about 4pm, and then mechanically working on run-of-the-mill stuff, and it goes on and on for the next five workdays.

So it’s weekend again! Mind knows to give Body a break and let her sleep till she’s ready. I guess I am now not just catching up on sleep for the jetlag recovery, but also for the month of non-deep/restful sleep in Paris.

It’s all good now. I believe I’m in a clearer state of mind to see with a centred perspective and also with a calm and centred plan of actions of how to get to the point of My Freedom. 🙂 So the Gate appears to show me the Crossroads I did not see.

It is in retrospect that I see the meaning and message of what the cards were trying to tell me. And of course, what Zeo / Serapis Bey were trying to tell me.

In all good wisdom (noting that I just took out one wisdom tooth few days ago), always remember that the Mind cannot comprehend what it has not yet seen. Keep it open, because there is always something else that Universe is trying to tell us.


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