Fear versus Love

I see now, I see how every decision or action or consideration in life really just boils down to two polarities – fear or love.

Knowingness. That sense of knowingness. We really already know. We just know. That is Love.

But we ponder. We wonder. No, we do not wonder, we merely hesitate. Deliberate. That stems from Fear. What causes that fear? Those mind boggling thoughts to protect Ego, if we were to crunch them right down to the core essentials.

Sometimes we say, no no we are protecting someone else’s Ego from getting hurt. Is that really true? Love will bring us to take action whoever’s Ego it hurts, if it is for the highest good of All. Fear of us being wrong, or being viewed as wrong or hurtful is what holds us back. That is Ego.

Ouch. I know my Ego is nervous. But then again, Love.

May Love harmonize our destiny with our fate to create the highest and best potential life can offer.


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