My broken leaf

Ouch. So the protagonist spoke. He pretty much finds it a scam. Ouch!

I guess it also got me recalling the entire process all over again. Indeed, the sword can easily cut either way. So I’m going to split the previous post up into two, to see if I can gain any clarity out of it.

Research (aka google) topics over the next few days:

  1. Is each leaf for one person?
  2. If so, why can’t they remove it so it makes it easier to find next time? Or maybe there is a running sequence of stories linking one person to the next…
  3. If not, it will be somewhat like Chinese fortune sticks: different people picking up the path that applies to them. But then again, there are the parents’ names and the birth dates on it, hence hardly possible that someone else shares the exact info and the exact destiny… I would believe that the names were written in archaic Tamil scripts and therefore derived from the prose and thus applicable to someone else, but birthdates and astrology coinciding with the derived names at the same time? How would that work….

I am also sooooo buying into the storyline of a pre-ordained destiny, and strong reason to believe that there too are many choices, hence it is more like pre-ordained destinies for us to walk our path. If I had not chosen to release a certain part of my life, I probably would not come across this nadi leaf reading at this point in time. I might have even missed it altogether, and bump into some other reading that has registered a different destiny in writing. And it would all sound oh-so-accurate, and oh-my-destiny. That is why we must really follow our heart and intuition, which drops us many markers along the way.

It could also well be my prayers for breaking a stalemate, and the divine giving me a generous nudge is this manner. (Thank you, Universe). Advice comes in different ways too, I had to hop by a monthly meetup, and received some cushioning for the shock that things/thoughts turn out different, and how I need to take a different perspective about handling the conflicts/confrontations. Thank you again Universe, if not my heart would have sunk ten thousand miles down hearing how my amazement was reduced to a “scam”. I totally understand what he’s saying and I do think again on the whole process to see where I had been scammed. But Universe won’t scam me this way (faith and trust!), I believe it was for many other stories / events / guidance to unfold.

Once again, Ouch, says my heart. Where do I go from here?

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