My life on a leaf

I am living in the extended Omigawddddd moment of life. Since 2:00pm this afternoon. OMIGAWWWWDDDDD. I cannot contain the excitement screaming inside. The protagonist is apparently still sleeping, and I cannot yell that to him at the moment. Yikes. But I cannot hold it in any longer!!!!

SOOOOOOOO. Here we go.

I read my Nadi leaf today. Or rather, I had MY Nadi leaf read today. Wheehee~ Eons ago, a monk in a temple wrote predictions of fellow mortals on bundles of palm leaves. I am not sure if anyone shares my leaf (theoretically) but will find that out over the next few days.

Why I feel that this nadi leaf is mine and mine alone is because…. I guess I am possessive and love that romantic feel that there is a hidden piece of organic matter that contains the story of my life, and mine alone. Here was what transpired.

The leaf had my parents’ names on it. My dad’s correct, my mom’s correct, to a Tee literally. It accurately mapped that I have an elder sister and a younger brother, that my sis is in a field where there be many aeroplanes, and my bro in a government job dealing with money. Cool, isn’t it? And then he magically spelt out the key protagonist’s name, and told me what’s up with both of us.

Thank you, Universe. I suppose Universe is getting tired of my numerous pesky questions everyday of the whatifs, whatifnots, areyousure, whycantitbeanotherway, whymustidothat? And decided that the clearest way to show me (and have me accept it) is to have his name clearly spelt out on a leaf. Undebatable, undeniable, by any human means.

My lovely cousin had already spotted our patterns in terms of timings, and also hinted on many course of actions. But I had been rather iffy about this that and everything else. However, at a very subconscious level, I feel I must have shifted somewhere, which then aligned all that matters such that I was brought to the nadi leaf reader in all good timeliness. Hah, and I have strong reason to believe it was my strong resolve in the past two weeks to cut away that suffocating “earth” element from my life.

Back to the amazing experience: I was absolutely wowed out by the accuracy. How it works? I had my left thumbprint stamped and he found my bundle based on it. Something about Chinese three dots. That bundle contains an entire stack of leaves, which he went through one by one, asking me questions requiring yes/no answers. Questions like do I have a brother, are both your parents still alive, are they staying together, is your mother still working? There were a couple of times we might have come close, when he went as far as asking whether my mom’s name is xx, which turned out not, so we moved on to the next leaf.

So we finally came to one, which had my dad’s name and my mom’s name, and ….. his name. All the background info matched. So we were pretty sure it is this one! The leaf knew what I studied, and the leaf knew I am not working on what I studied. The leaf knew that I was going to scale down my design work and scale up my language work. The leaf told me that even though I am not working on architecture/planning, those knowledge is important to my language work today (and tomorrow). Which is absolutely true, yet also what I might have overlooked. The leaf knew that I am doing not just language work, but translation work – he called it Mori – conversion of languages (this i need to do more research on what it means). The leaf told me that I will be an award winning writer.

Wheehee~ how happy is that! It told me my bro, my sis, can carry on in their industry. My parents will continue living their happy healthy lives, apart from some episodes of pain here and there from old age. Mr C shall continue in his field of engineering in the industry of automobiles if he chooses to, and he will do very well. Nadi leaf reader was really selling Mr C – describing his build, his good looks, and great personality, and of course all the other stability great career stuff.

Of course, I am not too bad either. He reminds that what brings me to my award winning authorship is from my niceness in manners of speech, behaviour, values, etc. Niceness!!!! That is such an affirmative word for part of my earlier confusion. You wouldn’t believe it if I tell you I was half-wondering that if it takes so much aggression, harshness and separateness to achieve “success”, whether I would still want “success”. The leaf has spoken!!!!!

I will continue, in my curiosity and thirst for knowledge, to travel and write and share the word on improving society, making societal changes! Wheehee!! I will also continue to teach! In higher institutes! Yay! My teaching job and my language job will make up for each other in their lows and highs. Wow! But I must continue to write. Through my writing, I will change the world~ I must continue to Yoga too! That will be what gives me concentration and the fuel to continue doing what I need to do.

I was getting carried away with the winning prizes part (and of course somebody’s grande name appearing on the leaf) that Teacher Shirley waves a reminder flag that the awards come not for me (as in my ego per se), but that to serve in my spreading of His words. YAYYYYYYY!! I think so too!

Amen~ ❤

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