It’s summer in Singapore.

No, no, not the usually “Singapore is summer all-year-round” kind of summer, but really really hot today. 32degrees Celsius, 61% humidity. Now I get it, so it is a dry kind of heat today!

Had the strangest conversation with my mom.

Me whines, “it’s so hot today, do we have anything cold to drink?”.

Mom replies, “there’s winter melon soup, do you want it now?”

Me: “is it cold?”

Mom: “it’s cooling, but not cold.”

Me: “where is it?”

Mom: “in the kitchen.”

Very skeptical. But I still walked to the kitchen with a flailing sense of hope, and …. ouch. It was a hot pot of winter melon soup. I stared at it and asked my dad, “she said there’s cooling winter melon soup.” And he nodded and pointed to the steaming hot pot.


This is not just a concept of the relativity of temperature. Winter Melon is cooling for a heaty body constitution / environment. There is dry heat and damp heat when it comes to body constitution too. Will write about Cold versus Cooling when I’m feeling less angsty about not getting my real ice cold drink.


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