I went without my beloved necklace for a week, because … I guess I was meant to clear out my energies for a different realm to connect with me.

Today, I am back in office, after a hiatus due to a week of coughing fits. Suddenly recalled I may have dropped the very precious rhodochrosite necklace at the massage place a week ago. Fortunately it was still there. Sending prayers and thanks for its safe return to me.

The massage dude was happy to see me, and told me that I dropped an object and he had kept it for me. Wow, object. I am so relieved that he merely viewed it as an object! Very innocent statement / thought, yet it also showed me how little faith I have in the honesty of the human race (my own prejudices, once again). I can choose to believe that if he knew how precious it is, he would still return to me! [note to myself: more programs to clear!]

Had it been a sparkly diamond, would it be the same result? (I certainly hope so!)

This appears to be “merely” a shimmery red piece of transparent stone, but its value is that of a diamond or maybe even more (depending on what grade of diamond). Its rarity already makes its worth, not at all common to have such pure, transparent ones. Apparently, most (or all??) Argentinean mines have closed, so they may be “extinct” in a way too. [Correct me if I’m wrong, so far the gemologists I’ve asked have shared the same info with me]. I will never forget how T.B. was so impressed when I told him this is rhodochrosite, not carnelian, and when I told him the almost-exorbitant price I paid for it, he told me it has to cost at least that amount.

So yes, I am very happy that I appreciate value in things that not many people know / care about. 🙂 🙂

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  1. Glad you found it! It’s always the worst when something just falls off or gets dropped – a necklace fell out of my pocket in my car and was lost forever..found the chain but not the sapphire.

    Good story as well 🙂

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  2. Yes! There are lots of good and honest people around. The few bad people make the world look like a bad place which is not. Thank God you found it.

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  3. Peter Adewumi says:

    We still have good people around, though they may not be many. Meanwhile, any time you go out with something precious, you have to let it linger in your heart by shedding all other weights. Thank God it is returned by the faithful Massage Dude!

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  4. So glad you got it back! I have a high quality rhodochrosite necklace I use in my practice, it would be devastating to lose it and very hard to replace. I believe you are correct about the mines.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      How do you use it in your practice? Its energies is very very pure and really strong, I feel it’s a very focussed stone, focus in what it was meant for.


      1. It is an incredibly focused and strong gemstone. So much so I personally haven’t worn my necklace for more than a few minutes. I’m a Gemstone Energy Medicine Practitioner in GEM Rhodochrosite’s ultimate goal is create inner freedom by breaking unhealthy karmic patterns. It recognizes what needs to change and breaks down those patterns to give you greater freedom, wasting no time setting those changes into motion whether you are ready or not. In the treatment room its typically used as a chakra therapy, for a chakra particularly stuck in unhealthy patterns or used as a spinal therapy as the spine can often be stuck in stubborn holding patterns.

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      2. leapingtoes says:

        Wow, this is cool! Thanks for the enlightening explanation!


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