So it’s National Day today. Funny thing though, I was more concerned with 8.8.8 Lion’s Gate Portal from the day before, and the Lunar Eclipse the day before 8.8.8 and then the upcoming Solar Eclipse in less than two weeks. And of course, mercury retrograde end of this week, yikes.

8.8 was spent chilling out on intense conversations over Korean BBQ, followed by an amazingly long session of card playing, with me hogging the cards most of the time. Chatting from 7:30pm to 4:30am makes it a whole 9-hour session. Wow. I may have just gone up another rung of the ladder in sociability.

The next amazement is that I managed to get my ass to yoga class at 9:30am! I am a super human being! Andddddd… we hung out over cards and exploration till 4:30pm? That makes it a 7-hour session after my <4hour sleep. I am a superheroine~

On my sleepy ride home, I zoned back into our conversations last night, and started being aware that the same way that I am pulling cards one after another, someone else may be undergoing the same emotional trauma too. I have no idea what tools he has, but I really hope he has some way of working through his energies and all these new questions (or more like old questions that we have massively swept underneath the carper through decades). Is this what the Compassion was referring to?

While flipping Facebook to get myself to sleep on the quiet double-decker bus, I saw a post that read “Tough times.” and the link was to the astrological energies of August. Ouch. Was that why? Everything surfaced all at one shot, there was a sudden intense push factor(s) from all over, and then my flow of questions covering different aspects of life rushes through. Yeeeeoooooowccchh. Yup, I can be intense in that way, and I normally don’t see it until someone “disappears” and start wondering “oops, did I do that again?”.

Slept all the way till I got home, walked home, and slept again till it was nearly the end of the National Day Parade? Caught the drone-show though, but absolutely missed the fireworks, and even asked my dad “you mean the President can leave halfway like that?” to which dad replied “the parade has ended, he does not have to stay for the party”. Obviously lost track of time, again.

Most Singaporean moment of today – a durian swiss roll (containing gluten…) and a spicy dip (Salsa is Mex though) with chips which I could really have just thrown in some chilli padi or sambal chilli for that ultimate Singaporean-ism.

I can hear the sound of our fighter planes heading back. At 10:15pm? I wonder where they went for kopi (aka coffee) to chill, or are they just having their post-parade fun of swooping around in the skies?

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