May the long time sun
Shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.

This is a song we sing at the end of each kundalini yoga class. I used to feel very touched at my early endeavours of yoga-ing and tears would just (endlessly) roll off my cheeks as I could feel every bit of that love and light. That still small voice in the form of a gently unyielding candle light, flickers with the wind but steadfastly alit.

Last week, I was shown that it was not a singular light.

Through my period of buddhism learnings, I saw the pure light at my ajna. Always there guiding me. It was there too, when I was practicing Usui Reiki. There were times I see it in the form of a little candle in front of my heart chakra.

When I embarked on Kundalini Reiki, that pure light “moved” to the heart chakra. No more candle, just a pure light. This soft white light has slight golden shimmers to it, and its more is more solid than the one at the ajna. It’s bigger, and “commandable” – usually the size of a CD and I can send it outwards to envelop a much bigger space at will. I no longer had to draw the golden shield, instead I send this love bubble outwards and it keeps the negativity out by dissolving them rather than repelling them.

The golden light (shield) then “moved” to a few inches above my head. When practicing kundalini reiki, the light at that position can be changed at will into white, gold, diamond, and whatever that is needed. That is what I understand as the power of intent. And through Theta, for some reason, I had understood that to be where Higher Self hangs out.

I thought they were all the same light that merely moves around.

While singing the long time sun, I saw three at the same time! They are knowingly different this time and there was a fourth. The ajna light is small and faint, while the heart chakra light is pulsating strongly beyond my physical body. They re both white. There is one more at my tummy, in between my solar plexus and sacral chakra, and has a slight faint yellow to it. It is slightly smaller than the heart chakra’s and quietly stand its ground. The higher self light is no longer directly above my crown, but slightly in front of me – a few inches in front, and still that few inches above. It is white infused with gold.

Now I see the connection of what I was figuring out months ago. I used to think the still small voice is the same as the guiding light of the Hermit card is the same as the soulful light that keeps us alive is the same as many other references of inner guidance. While they guide us in many ways, calling them different is also inappropriately a marked sense of separation/separateness. Yet they are clearly different.

A step up in understanding. Another step needed to reconcile this new understanding. Cheers to a wiser us in a brand new day.

Cheers to the dazzling (/glaring..?) potential each day brings as the sun rises day after day after day.

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