Delivery has sooooo many different meanings! And each always comes in a huge wave to catch our attention!

Yesterday’s trip home revolved my sister’s influx of parcels from different service providers, each with a different habit. We concluded that Singpost aunties only pretend to deliver parcels, but probably too lazy to carry them, hence they buzz the bell in a grand number of One Time, and then slipped the card that says “you were not home when we delivered, please self-collect from xx location”. The other extreme lies another provider who buzzes the house down at the speed of lightning, absolutely triggering my brother-in-law. And the cute one with brilliant service will drop by my mom’s if my sis cannot make it back. He even has a secret hiding place in the wet riser where he stuffs her parcels. There were at least two others in that same day. Woot~ shopaholic!

My life today, on a wonderful Friday, all revolved around project delivery deadlines. This sentence alone suffices in holding my breath to a still.

I should just sleep all these timelines away. ZzzzzzzZZZz

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