Sunday Sleep

One guy at the next table exclaimed to another, “omg, I woke up at 10:46”.

My heart laughed a little inside.

I was having my brunch porridge, and it was considered already early at 11am. The day before, I slept all the way to 1pm. It was unbelievable. Sleep was so deep that when I woke up, I even checked the clock to see if I could make it for Saturday yoga. A bewildered me started wondering “omg, you mean the phone shows the time I last turned it off?”. It was a weird feeling. Time seemed to have gone into a warp.

Zoning in and out of consciousness, I could not really pinpoint what I was doing, but I did manage to put a few ticks to my task list. Before I knew it, it was already 4pm, and I still have no conscious control over what I was doing / thinking. All freaked out, I talked to my parents about it. First thing asked was what I ate, and I am so sure there was no gluten. I missed the MSG-laden dinner, so it cannot be either. My diet was pretty “clean” that night, other than a 2kg durian. Please do not tell me I’m durian-intolerant.

Durian buddies too woke up just minutes before me. So it is not just me. Hmm. And they had tonnes of MSG. HMMM… I have no idea. It is too strange a phenomena.

When in question, always pick a card. I picked a few. Apparently, it was Universe’s gift. So I suppose that must be a period of downloads / healing / integration / all of the above. Integration sounds about right. I had been sending healing to lives past, present and future, every evening for the past week. Yet I still wake up to the sounds of babyboo’s arrival every morning (i.e. 7:30am!). My body cells must have been really exhausted from the amount of healing work.

This morning was strange, I woke up at around 5am, which would mean that I slept less than 4hours, and then drifted in and out of consciousness for a good 5hours after that. It was not good sleep but I have no idea what was going on.

Did I just blog a whole post on my sleep clock? I really need to get my act together and write about more meaningful / useful stuff.

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