Total Eclipse of the Heart

I have been working on “invisible governance” in manufacturing processes, and I feel this “invisible governance” is such an apt description for the universal phenomena of eclipses. My entire soul last night was engulfed in the energies of the upcoming eclipse (or so I believe), its invisible governance of how my life (thoughts, emotions, every darn thing in my life) gets absolutely upturned, and all shadow aspects swept to the surface.

Ouch. I felt slapped on every cell in this body. I have been sending so much healing to all aspects of a certain part of my life. I have never been so diligent and sooooo disciplined before. But I did, this time – every evening without fail. It was last night that I realised that I was only healing the tip of the iceberg, those that have risen to the surface so that I know their existence. Why the realisation? Because all of a sudden, with the BFFs bombarding me with insights, and all of a sudden, I started listening to them instead of my Ego who has been protecting me from feeling the hurt of the deeper insights within. Thank you, Eclipse.

I freaked out last night. Before that I was in such a happydappy mood of how things are going to turn out so beautiful and the happily ever afters. I cannot be affected by things I do not know or perceive. Last night perception went topnotch, or maybe more relevantly phrased would be that perception went Bottom Low. Being freaked out is an understatement. I went into a total alternative reality of what-ifs. And it is funny, it is funny in retrospect that I was such a rosy-eyed person that it never occurred to me to even think of what-ifs. Just because I am so see-through with my heart worn on my sleeve most times, it does not naturally infer that others are like that too. We create our own realities (I thoroughly believe that), but we have to face the realities of others as well. Otherwise it is a matter of self-deception if we see others as how we choose to perceive them.

And it takes a total eclipse to tell me that? Ouch. I am scared of tomorrow. Tomorrow is the actual eclipse… and so much dust had already been swept up in the air. I am choking, honestly. Choking on shock at myself (my naivety?).

Recite with me:

Zeus, the father of the
Olympic Gods, turned
mid-day into night, hiding the light
of the dazzling Sun;
and sore fear came upon men.

Archilochus (c680-c640 BC), Greek poet
Refers to the total solar eclipse of 6 April 648 BC.
Source: Eclipse Quotations

Well, but then I am thankful too. It is only when things have risen to the surface, that we know where to heal.

Thank you, Eclipse. Thank you, World. Thank you, Universe.


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