Lost (Again)

Gosh. This is unbelievable. I lost my moonstone ring. I cannot believe it.

There is a very strange feeling though, it was totally different from when I “dropped” my rhodochrosite pendant. This time, I am pretty sure there was a reason why it’s gone.

Normally, I will hate myself for losing anything. Anything at all. But today it felt different.  Maybe because from last week, I already had this random weird feeling that its job is done. I should have known from the day Oliver came into my room and picked it up for no reason at all. He even got into a fit after my sis demanded that he return it to me. My strange thought was more like, “why did he take it?” I have tonnes of crystals in my room, and there are those that he always plays with, and it is absolutely legit for him to take any of them. He did not have to sneakily hide them from me. My sis said, “well, it’s shiny.” HMMMMMM. It really is a very shiny, luminous, radiant moonstone. But why that? There are four other new rings that I  got from Paris. There and then, I already had a feeling that the moonstone ring is ready to go.

Over the weekend, again, Oliver took the ring. He skipped to the living room and when he came back, I asked again, “where’s my moonstone ring?” And he panicked, I could see the anxiety in his eyes. Then we found it in my stash of fresh laundry and he was very relieved. Not that I want to put so much stress on a three-year-old, but I am quite a control freak when it comes to things that are very close to my heart. (Well, I was pretty gentle with him, but he’s equally OCD when it comes to taking care of things).

I was pretty sure then it was a matter of time the ring leaves me, and I guess today, I realise it is also a matter of how. It *disappeared* on me. I was still fiddling with it after my trip to the art supplies shop, so I am dead sure it came back with me to office. I noticed its absence during dinner, and my heart dropped. I retraced my steps TWICE from office to coffeeshop to office and back to coffeeshop, asking all information counters that I passed by and all the stalls I stopped at.

Yikes. I don’t know. Maybe I should have just given it to Oliver. But I don’t think so either. Well, I could have given it to anyone else had I known it is going to disappear in this way. But yet again, I am sure I wouldn’t have done that.

Well, I suppose, I just have to put my trust and faith in the Universe that this really is meant to be. I suppose, it has done its job in helping me find what I needed to find, helping me heal what I needed to heal, helping me sense the connection I needed to sense. I suppose, it is magnanimously giving way to something better to come. I suppose, if it is meant to, it will magnetically come back to me, and I will then, with all good heart and soul, give it to Ollie or anyone else for that matter.

My lovely, gorgeously blue, luminous, pure, iridescent moonstone ring. I am so glad I had taken so many photos of you. Thank you for the great job you had done while you were with me, and thank you for your generous heart. Till we meet again~


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