In Different Forms

Release comes in different forms; healing comes in different forms; guidance comes in different forms. Intent only has to start with a focused one.

I had the discipline (and time) to attend yoga last night, and the set was about our central nervous system or something along that line. My system must have been pretty strong, as I managed to do all the exercises with so much ease and grace that I was applauding within my heart throughout the session. It was very enjoyable.

One of the meditations during or after (honestly I cannot remember) was about setting an intent to release something that no longer serves us. I was pretty “intent”, I suppose. Even before the class started, I theta-ed up to release a certain shyness / fear of embarrassment / shame, so I was pretty surprised when it was a part of our exercise during the yoga session itself. I saw my mom’s energies again, “me and mom again?!” I thought to myself. After so many years of healing specifically our relationship, I would have thought this occurrence would be¬†infinitesimal already. Ah well, still water runs deep.

Remember my (used-to-have) phobia of butterflies? The first time I started seeking help on this issue, it turned out to be my subconscious fear of embracing my own femininity. It made absolutely no sense to me there and then, because I had always been such a guniang (meaning: girly girl), plus there and then, my femininity served me quite a lot in a male-dominated industry. Upon digging deeper into it, it turned out to be my relationship with my mom that was holding me back from a lot of things. That was the start of my journey seven years ago, and I am really happy to look back and see how far I have come.

Guidance really comes in a myriad of ways, and that is precisely why we should just set an intent on what we want to achieve, and then leave it up to Universe to bring us the magic. We need to say “hey there, I’m ready for this”, to unlock that frequency change which will tune us up to all the magic that is to happen, which will then start entering our space / lives.

I had thought I would have some massive form of release from yesterday, but no. Universe knows our strengths and our weaknesses. I guess unlocking the belief system last night (theta <3) propelled me into a different space (in this case, the space of different perspectives) when I could finally cross that little line that had been confining me. Guidance, this time, comes in the form of reading list again. The last reading list was a full-time job for the whole of 2014, when I was thrown into this space of Eckhart Tolle, Kryon Lee Carroll, etc: I read non-stop interspersed with food and sleep as and when required (intermittently, meaning no humanly schedule at all).

A sneak peek into my reading list right now? I am enamored of the idea of femininity – to explore the social construct that has brought it so much shame and how we can release it to the winds and embrace what Universe has given to us.

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