Astro Marathon

I cried last night. It was for no reason at all, and i thought “oh, full moon again?”. So I googled around for astro calendars and it’s apparently not full moon until two days later.

I thought it was the stress from work – I spent the weekend cowering in my organic cotton cocoon sheet which is my current favourite hiding space. I crawled out of it alive, and last night I found out it wasn’t affecting just me. But all is on its way to be resolved, and the rational side of me just could not understand why I am in such a wreck over such small things.

Maybe the shadowy emotional aspects is trying to find an excuse to creep up on me. As though the eclipses weren’t enough?

Time flew yesterday: evening turned to night at the glimpse of the eye as I caught up on news of the refugee community so close to my heart. Not looking good, so many natural and man-made calamities inflicted on them. It hurts to read about it, and it hurts that there is really not much I can do about it, whether or not I am sitting right there with them, or where I am, or in some planning bureau office. I guess that is just what life is, and I whispered the serenity prayer under my breath.

Got further distracted by my monkey mind, and started wondering why anyone would go to Mae Hong Son for no specific business at all. Definitely the fulling-up moon fooling around with me. Yikes.

This morning was not any better. There was a sudden knowingness to send healing to our college days, and I have no inkling at all on what there was to heal. I was pretty happy and I was pretty happy minding my own business. There was so much intensity, and possibly angst / frustration, suppressed in that occasion/period/situation, I have no idea. Anyway, as with all theta sessions, that is why we have to dig. I can feel the rapturing of the root belief / trauma of the situation already! (The weirdness is that I have not even been thinking about this!) There’s an extreme queasiness in my stomach that I want to crawl back into my cocoon again.

Ah well. Mercury goes direct today, I was looking so forward to it. While happily looking forward to better news, I was whipped left, right, centre with the realisation that it is still in retroshade, and thus, another two more weeks to endure. :/  But I am thankful to the Universe giving us this time for the subconscious mind to “constellate shadow, to bring up the very things conscious mind wants out of the way”. Natural circumvention, yay!

No wonder my reading list is so much on communication, and so much on all the mis-cueing I never realised I was making.

Well well well, Universe educating us through miracles we may not have noticed.


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