Feeling loved

I think God is very very very kind.

Yesterday, a huge amount of work entered into my universe. A huge amount of work requiring huge amount of communication requiring huge amount of clarity in that. Do you know how relieved I feel about this landing on my lap only post-mercury-retrograde?

I am feeling soooo loved from how He had kept those three weeks effectively work-free, and gave me so much time-space and platform (although rather forcedly) to look into my inner world.

Dealing with the dark side of oneself is not easy. Having the space (and sufficient cushioning) to do that is really a huge huge luxury that I appreciate. It comes to me only now, everything on hindsight – how a tiny human being can hardly anticipate the depth of wisdom bestowed upon us for each tiny event that happens. I am feeling so absolutely thankful for how it happened, when it happened, and absolutely grateful that I was blessed with the wisdom to trust.

This time, tears of joy and bliss. ❤

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