Stay focused, take aim.

Looking like an eight of wands? Yup, less than a month to go before I take flight. Universe has been throwing many distractions in my path lately. I had wanted to spend everyday sending some healing energies, but well, for all we know, maybe these distractions are His way of sending me healing. Ouch. Burn, karma, burn! Let me be light soon.

I shall distract myself from the worries now by discussing the worries passed.

The location of this photo is the Phoenix Ancient Town where dad and I had to rumble on a six-hour bus ride through mountains to get to. It does not look all that glorious as those glossy pics in travel magazines or websites, but it was a great place to take refuge up in the mountain ranges. We took shelter in the top floor of a building right next to a crowded street, which is not much of a refuge in terms of the quietness aspect. But we had fun doing mundane stuff like trying to do our laundry using a Chinese washing machine. A semi-automatic! Hah, I had a month of training from my ex-teammates while outstation in northern China just before that, so it was something I could teach him. I got tired after a while and hired someone to do it for me. It was very funny how my dad was pretty turned off and asked me to pay him to do it instead. The things we learn from living in China. Shrugs. Only my fellow expatriate comrades will understand. :p

There is always something beautiful to remember however bad a situation is/was. ❤

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  1. janieleeds says:

    I agree that there’s always something beautiful to remember. Good post.

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