A different dimension

Am I still on this planet? Or am I somewhere in a different dimension right now?

I was feeling engulfed in coldness just now, and scurried off for my lunch (although my breakfast was just three hours ago) in a bid to warm myself up. The outdoor air was not any warmer. “Might have been the haze,” I thought to myself, but normally haze traps more heat, does it not?

While my physical body slowly got satisfied with the steaming hot claypot rice, I start to feel the vibrational aspect of the space around me. It was a finer kind of vibration, much like when the angels wrap their wings around. Although beyond that was a harsh, cold vibration of “bad news”, which I am still not sure of what yet.

Right here, right now, my ears are all blocked, and I am feeling like I am in another dimension, or at least a different frequency, but I have no idea what exactly it means. Angels and guides are not speaking, so I guess it is just about being in this space but not of any special messages that I need to know of as yet? Maybe body is upgrading, or maybe planet earth is upgrading, or maybe mankind is downgrading, I have no idea.

I had been spending too much time being too much of a human being, sorting out too many human issues in the last few weeks. Maybe Universe is giving me a break for a bit? I don’t know. I have one more (amazing) video to work out, so it is not exactly time yet?

Yikes, the frequency is intensifying, so I better rest for a bit now.

Last guess before I go: Maybe it is the solar flares again? Remember to charge your mobile phones! And do watch some sun-funk videos here. I used to pay so much attention to these cool spacey things when I working on biodynamic farming, they do affect us and our plants!

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