A world of Everything-ness

Today is the last day of a ten-day Hindu festival, and I never even knew of such a festival until an Indian colleague told me about it. Since young, I only knew Deepavali, Vesak Day (shared with Chinese Buddhists), and Thaipusam. I chatted with our cleaner auntie and she told me about the fire-walking which I had always thought it is celebrated together with Thaipusam. So the colleague shared more details with the ignoramus me, about this religion I knew nothing about.

I knew Ganesha, because he was the landmark meeting place when I lived in Mae Sot. The Elephant God, beside which is a few of our favourite shops – the hairdresser, the plywood / pipe / plastic barrel supplier. I knew about Shiva, because I had to study his sculptures during Southeast Asian Art History class. I heard of Vishnu because I used to watch a drama serial about him before we head off for swimming class when I was just a few years old. I have heard of Brahman too, but my information is all jumbled up and almost definitely mistaken. And it was only recently, thanks to the Nadi Leaf episode, that I heard of Mother Lakshmi, and now she sits on the wallpaper of my phone.

I used to think I was religious, then changed my mind and saw it as a philosophy. In recent years, the world has evolved and now I am “spiritual, but not religious”. There is a natural curiosity in me to understand the world and the people, so I guess it was hard for me to hold on to any single belief. We can say that there are certain universal laws, but do we exactly know which laws are universal? We can say that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but what if, just what if, one day we wake up to a pole change, and now the sun moves in a “different direction” or maybe no longer moves at all?

I was brought up in a Buddhist environment, which was in fact, Taoist, but no one really knows the difference. When I moved to Melbourne, I started reading scriptures in a Tao temple, which is different from Taoist too. It was there and then that I started opening up my perspective to a much larger world of formlessness, and also to the philosophy of the Chinese sages. It was also my first contact with the idea of oracles. If not for those experiences, I would have been so fearful of channelling, when in fact I now learn that we channel different frequencies everyday anyway, it is just a matter of which one we are tapping into.

My journey to the western world brought me into contact with the Church. One month in Spain took me to all the glorious Godly spaces when religion was central to life and society. I visited cathedrals, churches, monasteries, and many spaces where we could see the mergence of the Roman, Islamic and Christian elements over time, all within a single physical space. My dad joined me in attending mass while we were there, which was a huge surprise because he had his prejudices, but all these slowly dissolve as I shared my perspective on this religion/spirituality concept. I remember too, before setting off on this journey, my doctor gave me a Saint Benedict Medal, and even offered to show me how to pray. My mom saw the medal and asked about it, she also offered to show me how to pray. Hah. Then I remembered my mom used to live near and play in a missionary school. This is the kind of diverse environment I live in!

As I now practice Kundalini yoga, and also Kundalini Reiki (but not as frequently), I am gaining exposure into the Sikh culture. I am listening to mantras in gurmukhi and they sound really nice and soothing. It is very interesting how words really carry certain frequencies, and now with mantras, I am learning to feel the vibrations of words that I cannot understand. Trust me, it is indeed feel-able.

Through the two years of yoga-ing, my connection with the divine frequencies increased tremendously. I am more comfortable addressing them as frequencies, because these divine beings constitute all the above-mentioned religion/culture/philosophy and I feel that the separation is something that Man came up with. This separateness is a humanly conceived notion, for some reason, probably because humans have a somewhat possessive need for beliefs they can call their own? I feel these divine beings are in fact simulacra of certain spirit – spirit in the sense of certain virtues/beliefs (for lack of a better word), so it is really our choice which frequency we want to tune into.

Well, I also discovered the common denominator a while ago – the White Brotherhood! I am more certain now, particularly after the recent weeks when I was flipping frequencies during my sleep-state. The veil is getting thinner and thinner, and it is surprisingly easy to live concurrently in different dimensions.

I guess I have now been launched into the world of 5D, or maybe even beyond.

We’ll find out. 🙂

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