Windows into a colourful soul

The windows altered the space. You may not see them, but they changed the natural light as it entered, and added colour and flavour to it. Exactly like the people and situations in our lives, isn’t it? Many whose existence we do not even realise until we examine ourselves in detail.

This photograph is taken in La Sagrada Família. Nope, it is not completed yet. The vision of one man (my idol! Antoni Gaudí!) who died in anonymity on the tram tracks.

While I was searching for myself (in the professional sense), I found myself in Spain, trying to figure out whether I want to be an artist, an architect, a planner, a farmer, a humanitarian aid worker, a writer, or a healer. What exactly did I want out of life?

I went on a pilgrimage studying Gaudi’s life – visiting all his buildings, trying to comprehend his thought processes, examining his approach and his passion. Guess what I found? He was many-things-rolled-into-one, and that made him so uniquely who he is. He is an architect who loved nature so much, he capitalised on that passion to extricate their characteristics into his designs. It is painstaking work, but he had lots of passion to burn, I suppose, and he was visionary to see beyond his time, so big hearted and broad minded that he could project his vision beyond his lifetime. He was a master craftsman, an artist who saw beyond the box, literally beyond the box-structure of buildings. Craftsmanship really does make a huge difference to spaces. One can feel the love and effort put into the sculpting of every inch of that space. He was also a brilliant architect-engineer. Did you know that the design of this building structure was conceptualised from an inverted form of this building, and then calculated based on that? It is like literally applying the tarot card XII Hanged Man into reality. Did you know that the top floor of this building was conceptualised and calculated based on the bone structure of animals? And of course the common organic example is that the basilica was designed to mimic the forest canopy.

Through his eyes, and his life, I realised that maybe it is not wrong to be a jack-of-all-trades, or to have so-many-things-I-want-to-do-and-to-be!

One problem though, he died in poverty and in anonymity. He pulled his last bit of assets into the construction of this amazing piece of work that is admired and visited by millions (or even billions?) of people all over the world. When he died, no one even knew. Honestly, I don’t really care what happens at the end of my life, but while I am living, I want to live comfortably, pursue my interest (keep me really alive, not just physically alive) and contribute positive change to the world. As for fame, I am not sure. For some really strange reason, I just feel / know that at some point I will be a known figure? Known for what? I have absolutely no idea. It is really odd, because .. honestly, I am just trying my best to be as good a human being as I can, and to stay outrageously alive? And to stay out of trouble. hah.

Ah well, moral of the story: embrace ourselves for who we are. We are uniquely us so that we can co-create what only we can contribute to this world. So, do live to our utmost and enjoy the ride.


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  1. anne leueen says:

    My daughter visited this cathedral a few months ago. It is something that I would love to see and must plan to accomplish that. Thanks for this post and the “window”.

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