Circle of Familiarity

Feeling very pleased this morning sharing a late breakfast with my brother. We used to have breakfasts together daily when we were separately pursuing our own entrepreneurial endeavours. Years before that, we used to meet for breakfasts in Cambodia when we were exploring social entrepreneurship together. Now the weekend breakfast is the time for catch-up and gossip, which apparently is quite a lot this morning, cos my mom exclaimed that we took a long time for breakfast when we returned home.

I bought porridge and chatted a little with the ah-yi (aunty cook). There are times when I enjoy speaking in my Shanghainese Mandarin with people who may not be from Shanghai but other parts of China. I love the feeling of familiarity. Just like the other evening we had dinner at the Thai restaurant downstairs of the yoga centre, and the boss spoke to me in Thai, even though they are just very colloquially Thai phrases of not much significance, but definitely more intimate knowledge than just the names of foods. I guess that familiarity also stems from knowing that those sounds are just like our Singlish “yar lars” and “okay lors“, which most people may not realise. And of course, I totally enjoyed the moments when people used to speak to me in Karen, while I just gazed as they spoke, and then they realised only much later that I’m not bakanyon (means Karen person, I have no idea how to spell it). I believe have the makings of a global citizen!

Today is our little nephew babyboo’s birthday, and I just heard my bro’s exit through the door. Not sure whether and how he is going to make it back in time for the party. Hmm. We had a very brief chat about birthday present in the morning, “hey, did you buy any present for Oliver?” Brother gave a very blank, taken aback look, “OH. Are we supposed to buy present?” Haha. I guess we have lived too long in a very authoritative family where my mom instructs us what to buy for whom, “please buy baby socks of size x for so-and-so” and she hadn’t said a word the past few days. So we both agreed that we will not give any present to him today, and that no one is to “spoil market” which can get the other into trouble!

I told him about my assigned task to get junior hockey stick for babyboo. Since he will be in Canada that one week before my trip to US, he will also try to get him hockey sticks. Haha. Suckers, both of us. Junior, left-handed sticks, very well-specified except my sis has not found me the place to buy them!

Life has gone quite a circle, my sis and I used to do these little assignments for our little baby bro, who has now grown up to run these little errands for my sister’s baby son.

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  1. Children have a way of dictating our days & running our lives! What fun, though!

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