More than superficiality in the art world, and it’s not pretty. Watch How the Fine Art Market is a Scam on College Humor.

Art had always been an investment tool, way before there was banking / savings / stocks. I never really bothered with understanding how much art costs, nor which art piece is the ranked the most valuable on the market. Primarily also because I have no sense of how much anything in this world cost anyway, because I buy when I need to, or when I want to, or when I like to (not the best advice for anybody, really) and whether I feel it is worth me chalking it up. I did think about how the art-dealing mechanism works though, but never really figured it out. I always ended up with the relational aspects of the art dealer with the artist (e.g. Vincent Van Gogh with Theo) because the story appeals so much more to me.

Having watched the video, I realise it was absolutely legit for me to churn out some weird 1.52million figure when I was asked how much my art is worth. Haha! My art is priceless, okay? It is worth my heart and soul. 🙂 As the Chinese saying goes, “物以稀为贵” (which is basically the scarcity principle), and my pieces are extremely scarce, because I do not complete them. I have hardly ever completed any of them. 😀 There must be some underlying belief lurking around that prevents me from completing them, or maybe I was trying to pull a Rodin and get away with it when I pass this life.

To me, art is a form of catharsis, a tool for therapy, and a vehicle for expression. That was before I learnt to WordPress. That was before I learnt that I have emotions, or that the world has a variety of emotions more than our ten fingers could count. So I drew because I love something so much I just want to recreate it from how I see it. So I painted because colours and textures add another dimensionality to the way I see things. So I painted because I so enjoy how movement and dynamism can be expressed through a swishing of a stroke (if lucky). And then I learnt to use a painting knife. Oh my, how that changed this activity into a multi-dimensional toy! I could experiment it, layer by layer, layers over layers. It was fun making things feel like they are alive. It was an exhilarating feeling to make a flat confined space come alive.

Isn’t this so much more fun than having to put a number on the works? Ah well, I guess we are on different leagues, and who am I to call it superficial. There is, in fact, so much complexity to the way their prices are determined. Just not the game play for me.

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