Do you believe?

I am (still) half-hearted about whether I believe in divine intervention. I remember this topic very vividly when I packed and ran away, and it turned out to be true-er than true how the divine has intervened to put me in the right place for my highest good. Not being able to understand what was going on, I only remember “you will understand this in three years”. This year is the fourth, and I have *finally* connected the dots. I can now write my own version of The Journey Home. Maybe just that last bit more to go. See you in one month~

So the divine intervened again, and I am still pondering the last bit of my novella. His answer has always been the same, through different mouths/messengers: “just go and enjoy”.

Sometimes He places markers on the path to guide us on our way, and then after the markers served its purpose, He takes them all away. (And if I’m not explicit enough, these markers do not actualise, they are what they serve as – MARKERS / Signs / Signboards). Now I see why it makes better sense and better purpose to see life as a journey rather than a destination. Had I viewed any of these markers as a destination, I would have viewed my life (/this trip planning) as a perfect fail. I am sure He has lured me into this SF trip for a greater reason. I am just still figuring out what’s happening – with the raging fires, I don’t even know if I can (or want to) make it to Mount Shasta. It is rather creepy too that I keep seeing the image of us staying put at home (but yay to him not having to go to work~ wheehee) while the rain rages outside. But it is all warm and cosy at home, and yea, looking pretty safe too. When the divine corners us to facing ourselves… … shrugs. I don’t know, man.

Thou shalt bring thine art supplies. Hmmm, yes, I will “just go and enjoy”.

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