Saints Sinners and Slaves

It was a deep Thetahealing weekend, and we really dug deep into our consciousness, subconscious and the unconscious. I will not go into the details, but to summarise it in three keywords: it is a story of Saints, Sinners, and Slaves.

Many obligations, allegiances, contracts, vows, oaths were completed and resolved. I learnt so much about how situations we grapple with at a very superficial level and at very tender ages hint of much deeper issues. One of them was the Kuan Yin vow, along the lines of “Vow of the Bodhisattva to serve the planet Earth until all its evolutions are Free.” I know she has been guiding me all these years, and so has Tara, and many other ascended masters. I definitely am not surprised to know about the vow I took in an earlier life (well, I almost took another two when I was in Melbourne, but am now glad I did not). Today I learnt that she vowed not to ascend until all other souls have ascended (reached nirvana/enlightenment). So much compassion!

I had always been reading about her from the perspective of religion. From which I then moved on to the perspective of philosophy, aka the approach we choose to lead our lives. Through recent spiritual learnings about ascension and ascended masters, I got to know more of her frequencies/vibrations which you can read here, here and here. She was part of the White Brotherhood! Previously Seventh Ray, Violet Flame.

Understanding life / live(s) really takes many layers of peeling, getting in touch, understanding, and then a next deeper layer of peeling, getting in touch, and another level of understanding. No wonder new age people call them Shifts. It is like a spiral and one hops one level to the next. We actually move up in a continuous spiral, but we do not know we have spiralled until we reach the next level, and we look back “oooh, how we have evolved”. Goddess of Mercy is just one example. I will write more about the other examples when I am ready to share my journey more intimately with the public.

We have gone through the “good”, the “bad”, and the very “ugly” and fortunately, we only get to view them when we are ready. I thought the World War II life was horrid, but today I learnt worse. While at the same, I also learnt that the “horrid” was a human perspective, and there is Universe’s perspective whereby we are all here to learn and experience – different roles we play to give us different experiences so we can learn through duality on this human existence. Universe was very kind to first show me the life of a saint helping sinners, and that helped me graciously accept the lessons from viewing that of an abhorrent slave-driver.

I am so physically tired from the amount of work done at the cellular level this weekend. So, good night! Will catch up with giving a more complete picture when I have digested all the new knowledge/wisdom gained!

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  1. IamSin says:

    theta-healing…???? seriously


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