Hoarder Express

Came across an article on Monet’s secretly amassed art collection, hidden “upstairs” while I only got to hover around the ground and second floor. As usual, I got intrigued about who are on his Friends List, and am pretty sure birds of a feather really flock together. Although all of them have, and kept to their, very own personalities.

I was not surprised at all for the “mania” he was with regards to privacy. It was pretty apparent in his paintings. Paintings really do exhibit the personality and emotions of the artist, however hard a person tries to hide it. Will probably do an in-depth discussion examination on this topic at some point in my blog. I was more surprised at how pushy he can get about acquiring what he wants when trading works with contemporaries. I imagine my toddling nephews trading their toycarcars .. yikes.

When he lent Pissarro 15,000 francs to buy a house he demanded his acclaimed 1891 painting “Peasant Women Planting Stakes” in return. But Pissarro’s wife Julie – to whom the painter had already gifted it – would not let it go. A stand-off ensued that Monet eventually won.

But then again, the cynic in me starts to wonder, is there going to be an auction on this piece “Peasant Women Planting Stakes” anytime soon, hence a marketing a gimmick to drive up the price? Haha!

Sour grapes me. I am just kicking myself for missing this show. They are showing the 12 Cezannes he owned!!! Growlz. My latest exploration/enquiry is into why-the-heck-do-so-many-artists-follow-Paul-Cezanne. He painted mostly still-life, so it is really hard for me to figure how progressive a table of grapes, vases, pots and pans can be. People had commented on my works looking like the style of Cezanne, during the period when I was so resentful about having to attend painting classes when I could be sleeping at home (i was barely ten then.. ). I guess that got me hating him even more, and the rebel in me placed him into the inner cupboard of don’t-even-touch-this-space. Maybe it is time I open up that closet of skeletons.

In a nutshell, my brain is now in a befuddling incoherent mush of who-knows-who-?, how-did-they-come-to-appreciate-another’s, and why-would-you-want-a-painting-of-another’s-which-is-so-similar-to-yours-?. Look at Renoir’s works here and you’ll get what I am asking. Imagine if it had been me and my sister, we would have gotten into a fight (and we probably had done that before), “why did you copy me? Go find your own angle!”

Tsk. Highclass Hoarder Express – the quickest way to own high-value artworks is to force your friends to give to (or exchange with) you. BFFs, yea?


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