Eggy time

Time travelling is like walking on eggs. I feel myself in a slime of an egg white as I checked in online prodded by the midnight SMS.

Brain mush again, yikes. So I’m leaving tomorrow night, not the day after! It’s that 00:05 +1 thingy again. 😦 Time is definitely not linear, I can do linear mathematics better than this whole bunch of “why am I checking in on the 6th evening, and reaching home only on the 8th, when the flight is less than a day”. I’m so lucky to not be caught at the point of change in time for daylight savings – then again, how would that work for flights? Faint. Horrified by my blur-ness yet again. I was very clearheaded when I was handling the flights of the youths I’m working with, but so careless when it comes to my own. This is oh-so-strange.

That also mean I have to work on the plane now that I have virtually “lost” another day.

*rambles* *rumbles* *grumbles*

Will try to write more intelligent stuff when I get over this. 😦

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