Lady Nada spoke to me this morning. She introduced herself and her role in providing love to all of humanity via her pink ray, and that she was called Mary Magdalene in her last incarnation (and that Yeshua is now called Sananda) and how her being in that role 2000 years ago was a great significance to the planet. She explained that part of her responsibility now is to awaken and encourage every soul to come back to their own divinity. She also said she has other responsibilities but that will take up too much time to talk about them for now.

Hmm. I know where that conversation is heading! No wonder I bought the book The Magdalene by Lars Muhl. It is volume 2 of trilogy and both volumes 1 and 3 were not available at the bookshop, so I suppose it has to mean something. And I suppose she is a very efficient being who obviously does not want me to waste time. 😀 Which also means this is something I really have deal with pretty soon and pretty effectively… if I may guess from my earthly mind.

She introduced me to the energy of Faith, explaining it is a light blue ray which is not only an Archangel, but also a Quality – a cosmic vibration. It is a quality I have to invite into my space, as it is something that Mind has very little of as Mind only accepts what it can understand from the five physical senses. The key is to look into the trigger that brings doubt to the surface, to confront it/them and release it – an opportunity to remove the roadblocks to getting the life I want.

Inner Child came up in this conversation too, but in a different way from how I used to perceive it. In this instance, what arose was the people-pleaser aspect of my inner child. This turned out to be theme of the entire conversation this morning – how my soul went through the same lessons again and again through many lives about disempowering my creativity just so that I can fit in with the collective prevailing energies (even when it does not resonate with me). This contrast over so many lifetimes is so much such that my soul remembers it almost as a choice: either I belong and have that connection to the collective, or I empower myself in my journey as a creator and risk being isolated, not understood and not supported in that state of consciousness. This is the contrast that I need to learn to dissolve, and understand that I can find that balance: I can become a powerful creator, and at the same time, I can trust that even when the people around me do not understand, they can still remain a support structure in my life.

A prime example arose and she showed me how although this lesson is deep-seated  for me, how much more bound the other soul is to this similar lesson. I only have to deal with my isolation from the collective but he has to deal with it from the lesson of punishment/persecution. Ouch. Well, it was good too that she taught (or reminded) me to turn it to her pink ray.

She spoke about the depth of love, how my soul is at the threshold of infinite benevolence – the absolute supportive, loving, giving nature of the Universe, and that it is coming so close and becoming so tangible. That is why the feelings of disconnection is coming up so powerfully, all these past lifetime memories of fears, lack of support, disempowerment, are intensified. She also explained the red flags to me from a different perspective of how I understood them. ❤ so much love. Hah, so much warning too, yet also reminders that I really have to power through these to get across the threshold.

I am feeling so honoured and grateful to receive direct guidance from the ascended masters. It is almost as though I am getting private tuition for this class called Life. Feeling absolutely touched, while at the same time, Mind / Ego (or maybe even Soul) is wondering what is up… Maybe every lifetime, we are brought to earth to achieve some breakthrough, be it for ourSelves or for humanity. I am coming this close now, I choose to power it through. I know why Faith came up too, the significance of my being this life may not be through the material contribution as my Mind had understood, but something different, and maybe something bigger, which I have no conscious understanding of as yet.

By divine decree, in the name of the spirit I am, through universal law, all time and space, all dimensions:
I forgive humanity, society and family, for all lifetimes where I was judged, humiliated, threatened and rejected for my progressive ideas promoting love, tolerance, togetherness and communion, between different cultures, traditions, and belief systems.
I release all fears and all beliefs that my role as a catalyst for love and advance consciousness will only bring me pain, challenging situations, and the lack of understanding and support from family and the collective.
I release all pain, disappointment and sadness from the lifetimes where I felt isolated, separate, and unloved even when I was in the collective.
I release all the fears and beliefs that I have to choose between survival within the collective, or being with a partner and experiencing deep struggle and possibly not surviving.
I release all vows and contracts to withdraw from relationships, to reject the possibility, to reject the partner, to protect myself, to survive.
I release all fears and beliefs that my choices and my creations will never be backed up by family and the collective, and always judged and rejected as a problem where I will be perceived as a troublemaker, rather than a blessing for the transformation of the collective into more advanced, loving, and tolerant reality.
I forgive humanity for times when I was forced to adjust myself to the collective fearful beliefs, the conditions and behaviour that make no sense but allowed me to survive.
I forgive all souls who abandoned me or withdrew their connection and love because I was unable to take the next step.
I release all shame, all guilt, all fears and beliefs that I no longer deserve their love, their trust, dedication and commitment, their belief in Faith that all will be well, and that we will create a happy and stable relationship, where we are still supported and embraced by our own communities.
I release all vows, all contracts and agreements, to take a step back whenever a relationship moves forward and there is a possibility of deeper intimacy, connection and love, in order to protect myself and to prevent the humiliation, shaming and judgement, that have affected me in the past (lives).

Thank you Lady Nada. I have a feeling I know where this is heading now. ❤ and why I have been brought to look deeper into your life as Mary Magdalene.

To all humanity, let’s all just strut our stuff and live our lives to the highest aspect possible, according to the individual truth within each and everyone of us.

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