The story that never came to pass

Another weekend passed. Not a drop of juice written on that past life love story. I made several attempts, but body refused to budge. I guess Soul still has not gotten over it. 😦 Light Team Advisory seems to be to just take the essential lessons, heal and move on. Do not re-live it, there is no point going through that experience again, especially since it was so painful that my consciousness does not even want to touch that raw nerve.

Adamant as I am, stubborn as I am, questions still flood my mind about why I cannot just write them out in a different manner, particularly since 500years have already passed! But Universe has His ways to showing the light.

This morning, I woke up to read my furious sister’s chiding of a local newspaper for their report of a tragedy that took her close friend ten years ago. She was so angry and upset about why the newspaper still dug up the sludge instead of letting it settle. I had the exact same sentiments too. I saw the article before seeing her comments, and the first thoughts were “oh dear, I really hope she does not read this … ” I remember her being very distraught there and then, but never really had an understanding of what was going on (I only recently reclaimed the ability to emote, remember? heh) except that Mom told me to be more understanding and caring towards her during that period. It must have been worse for his / their (there were four others who perished) families. To have someone write about the story ten years later, is that something applaudable, like “hey, remembering our brothers ten years on”, or is it something deplorable, like “let’s create some news, what was it that happened ten years ago that we can write about today”.

That was actually the feeling I got from the Light Team when I asked them why I cannot write about my story since I am done and dusted with it. Their reply was that it was our story – just because I have moved on, does not mean the rest involved in the story has healed and learnt their lesson(s). Ouch. There were so many different protagonists in the situation then, and even if both of us have squirmed our way out, that does not give me the right to open the circumstance out to the public. Everyone deserves their protected space. Protected space was a recurring theme, and I never saw it in the perspective of a past / parallel life before. My parochial outlook contained it into a matter of not doing work when it’s meant to be quality time (what the heck).

This is a severe instruction and reminder of why all energy healing work MUST attain permission first. I had always been keeping to this principle, because I am a big proponent of privacy.  However, for the first time, I understood it as more than just a matter of like/dislike for respecting/disrespecting privacy of others, but rather a matter of holding space for others as well. Amazing stuff we learn everyday.

Just to satisfy my Mind, I will still list out acceptable snippets of info here! The story was set in eastern Canada, somewhere around the Great Lakes, in the year 1420 thereabouts. We were from different tribes and could only meet during summer when everyone gathered. The rest of the story … errmm … apparently I’m not allowed to write any more than that. And for my own curiosity sake, I now see the association between snowshoes, kayaks, and inuits that appear so-off-topic in our present lives now.

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  1. anne leueen says:

    OK! I hope this story does get ‘out’ because I would be fascinated to read it. I have a story set on the plains, involving horses and the White Buffalo but I cannot write that one at the moment. It is just not clear enough. There is more to life and lives past than meets the eye.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Our stories will come out all in divine timing 😉 soon, soon!

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      1. anne leueen says:

        Yes they will.

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