Menacing dreams

Nights of weird dreams are back: the marine version of having gremlins in the house.

Last night I dreamt of the ocean “home” again. In the dream, I knew exactly where that “home” is. Now, I don’t. I used to dream for years of an ocean with crystal clear waters, and a sandy enclave where a giant whale stays, and a great white shark lurks. It used to start off happy, and as I get more comfortable with the sandy enclave, I also get more fearful of the presence of the great white shark, and more suspicious of its (imagined) movements. It was only in recent months that I became at peace with its presence. Not sure what caused that shift, but I actually got to the point of recognising that since I have to live with this shark when I’m “home” (it truly feels home, no place like it, not even Grace Garden), I might as well befriend it and have it on my side. Logically, it does not make sense at all – animal instinct does not care about friendliness? Well, but there are other fish in the ocean (that it can eat). So yes, the last few times I went back “home” in my dreams, I was pretty much friendly with it, and the fear dissolved!

Yesterday’s dream took a very different turn. I was back “home” again, and this time the focus was no longer on the shark nor the whale. The water was no longer crystal clear, but intensely turquoise. Very beautiful, nonetheless. Just different. It felt more real this time, it was so real that it felt like a real place on earth, and in that dream, at that moment, I knew exactly where on earth it is. Strange, the memory of that location got erased when I woke up, but I remembered everything else (not that there was anything much).

Universe throwing puzzles for me to decrypt. Hmm.

To lighten up a little, and also annoy a little, here is a video of what I have been waking up to every morning. It took me months to get the song out of my head, and I am proudly immune to it now. 🙂

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