OMG, I just spent the whole night watching youtube videos. This is crazy, but amazingly therapeutic.

There is this one thing I really miss about being in China – their massively popular and extremely rousing singing competitions. Even though most of them are copycat-ed versions, this country has a tremendous amount of talents (of course, sample size is 1.3billion, yo), while the audience and the hype surrounding it drives anyone with access to TV to follow the shows! I still remember gathering at somebody’s place to watch The Voice of China a few years ago. That sense of camaraderie! (Haha, a little hint of communist-ic environment too. 😉 )

The one that just sucked me in this evening was the King of Masked Singer. These are famous professional singers, not fresh talents, so I guess it’s almost like an extended all-star remix concert held over three months? And, because they are mostly very veteran singers, it also meant that the Chinese songs they sing are what I am familiar with. Oh my, I am flooded by nostalgia, and I wish I can turn my bedroom into a karaoke room right now!!

Sharing some love (and rave) to my international friends, these are what happening Chinese songs sound like. 😉

Video title says “the best rendition of (the song) ‘Rooftop’ in history”, and I agree!! It also says “suspecting it’s JJ Lin and Angela Chang”, but turns out that the male singer is an amateur!!!!! This is sooooo brilliant. You can’t even classify him as an underdog because he is a winner right from when he stood on stage.

And… drumroll.. I have evidently spent hours watching this, as… errmm… here’s my favourite, dating back to the first season in 2015. :/ The song is “Because, Love”, sung by Hacken Lee (his mask did not conceal much of his identity, tsk) and Valen Hsu who was looking so gorgeous even with 80% of her face covered up.

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