Just saw Mama Cormier‘s photo of a white hydrangea centre piece, and it is such a beautiful picture to wake up to.

via New Flower (December 2, 2017) – White Hydrangea Centre Piece — Mama Cormier

I used to have these in our back garden. The little “secret garden” where we had tea and read, while getting some quiet sun (as opposed to blaring sun during harsh site visits). It was almost like an underground revolutionary meeting place, as it was totally hidden from view, and only our little secret society knew about. Ha-ha! That’s a fun way of putting it. It’s great that our little society is still continuing till today, onto our bright bright paths, since breaking out of that era of oppression. 😀

I never knew the English name of this flower until this morning! I only knew it as 绣球花, translated to be silk ball flowers. Silk balls, in the traditional sense, are the red brocade balls that couples hold at the wedding ceremony, as they bow to the family and to each other, and then the bride throws it to the crowd, just like the “throwing of the bouquet” in modern society. The hydrangeas really look like the silk balls, but a daintier, finer, sweeter version of them!

The ones that grew in the back garden were a gradation of pink, blue and purple, in each individual floret that made up the whole. There were also some that were gradations of pink and white. I was always very taken by the colours, the extreme soft pastels, the faint but rich colours. They exude such elegance, very understated elegance that I always end up being absorbed into them. The light, crisp fragrance too. It may sound a little extreme, but I do feel very honoured being in their presence, like “grant me an audience, sweet hydrangeas” and I bathe in their aura of royal highness-ness.

I can understand why people use it for weddings. It does make a great symbol of togetherness. Look at how the individual florets have their own colours and characters, yet they stand so unified as a whole. Look how long they last, I was surprised when I read the comment that they look very good as dried flowers. They look too fragile to last that long. I googled dried hydrangeas and bingo, those flowers are strong! They managed to hold up in that integral ball-shape even when they were all dried up.

We really learn something new everyday. There is always something that pops up, catches our eyes, and upon deeper examining, we learning deeper meanings into. Life is great when we are open to it.

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