The Compass within us

It’s almost full moon again! The skies have been surprisingly clear and blue these two days, and there is this quiet serenity about watching its crispness and clarity and it glows in halos of rainbow.

Today was another strange day, curious in a different way from yesterday. I slept till noon, and could feel myself drifting in and out of consciousness. It is normal, I guess, I had a whole pint of beer (something my body is intolerant to), which is half a pint more than what I allowed my cravings to get the better of me. I remember a pain searing up my spine, and clenching my chest, and it lasted for a while, but I slumbered on as there is nothing I can do about it.

Sometime in the day, I feel like I had gone into some sort of parallel existence: while I was “sleeping”, I was also somewhere else in some other part of the universe guiding someone through something. I was preaching about following our Heart, cos that is where our Truth resides. On the earth plane, we had so often mistaken the heart for emotions, but that is something else altogether. Emotions is of an earthly vibration, while the heart vibrates to the divine order.

Our Heart is an internal compass to guide us through the path of life. The way we use it is to really feel the difference between Lightness and Heaviness. What weighs heavy, gives us that sinking feeling in the stomach, has two possible implications – 1. it is not the right way forward, as in it is not what Heart wants; or 2. there is baggage from past experiences that is holding us back from pursuing our Highest Order. In a way, 1 and 2 are interlinked. If we choose to not address what Heart wants, we will head in the way of the “heavy” path, which will re-give us the opportunity to address the baggage that is holding us back from heading in the “light” path.

I was re-reading my favourite storybook again, and I now understand the “current map” a tad bit deeper. Why it is current, and also why time is not linear, is because there are millions of us involved in our own respective story lines, and everyone has Free Will. At any one point in time, the map has to be up to date with the Will that everyone else has wielded. We are more connected to one another than we know. This is also why it is very important that we stay in our own space, in our very own vortex, instead of dabbling with or trying to change others’. When we choose our paths, make our decisions, in the direction of “for the highest good of All”, we wield our free will, and that changes the choices open to all others (where it involves us). Whereas, if we keep trying to change other people: firstly, who are we to know what is for their highest good, or who are we to read the compass of their Heart which is only privy to themselves? Secondly, where do we find the energy and time to shape up to the highest aspects of ourselves? Thirdly, we do not open up the doors of opportunities that only we have the power to open, which will set the stage for them to choose. Isn’t that more effective, and respecting – both of the people around us, and of the workings of the Universe?

Venturing into the Age of Aquarius.

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