I’m supposed to be doing earthly work from 3hours ago, but the words from the “top” are still coming down.

This time it has something to do with the meaning of Life, remembering our mission and our purpose, and how there is nothing to be afraid of, and there is no room for Fear. This is really strange, i can feel tears running down as I convey this. Universe just connected the dots for the esoteric knowledge of all the posts I had thrown here with all the question marks I “threw” to Him.

Taking a Higher Perspective of viewing life not as our current life per se, but an ongoing journey to advance our own consciousness and the world’s, takes us out of the vibration of Fear. What is Death? What are Choices? What are Lessons? What are Emotions? They are all part of our journey’s little markers – signboards to tell us “this way”. Or little obstacles to guide us to taking one step up the game of awareness and learning. What if we fail? What are we afraid of? These are little mirrors of what still hold us back in life, overcoming this which makes us a tad bit lighter, and a tad bit higher up the consciousness spiral.

The story that Lady Nada told me about, and how she kept reminding that it is “an observation, not a judgement” – it is starting to hit home in a big way. Writing from a humanly perspective, I would easily judge it as an epic fail of life mission – an obstacle I (/we) did not get to traverse. Imagine being born into a world where the life mission was to bring the consciousness of universal love and infinite benevolence, and then you failed at it? Just because “we didn’t want to die in the cold winter”, or “my tribesmen hate me”, or “everyone else called us shameful”. This really showed me why it is so important to listen to the Heart inside, that divine sparklet guiding us to our highest good – that which we came here to do. Not to the earthly voices which could seem right at that moment in time, just because it is status quo to be that way, just because it is what has been established to be “right” or “good” by the men who are higher up in the respected / authoritarian spectrum. They could be right, but they are not always right. We all have our roles to play, we all have to step up to our roles, and some of us just have tougher roles of having to break the rules of the current modus operandi.

It was a massive fail that life from 500 years ago, and I could see why I had to play the different roles of the many other lives after that. To be able to train and build up the skills and tenacity and all the lessons required to finally have the chance once again, to meet that threshold. This time, I will definitely cross it. I will make sure we cross it.

Three weeks, oh gosh. Even the timing is so accurately told. Ouch. Word.

We will make it. This time. One last time. I don’t know what’s up, nor what’s going on. I am now just putting all my trust (and faith) in hearing my heart’s direction of what the “top” is directing me/us, and we will get there. Not sure where or what the “there” is, but we will. This time, one last time. Please.

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  1. dronstadblog says:

    You really opened up in this post. Thanks for showing me how your brain operates, and may I add it is a healthy, a beautiful brain you have there. 😀

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Hurhurhur, still trying to figure out what’s going on~

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  2. anne leueen says:

    We are all on journeys. How good it is that you have a concept of your journey and where you have been before. Onwards ever onwards.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yup, I feel really thankful to get to gain a perspective on this. I suppose there must be some usefulness to knowing this, which perhaps is to share so other people can gain a perspective into their own lives in their own ways too. Onwards ever onwards! ❤

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