I think I inherited my “clairs” from my mom, who has all sorts of extrasensory perceptions but always took them as a pinch of salt. Seriously, she does not think much about them, and hence not bother about tapping into them at all. On the other hand, I inherited a sense of system and logic from my dad, who pushes me all the time to (or at least try to) understand how things work. I guess I inherited a big heart and a broad mind from both of them, although in different ways.

In another aspect, I believe we do “inherit” traits by way of nurturance as well. Dad has always been my best friend, rather than an authoritarian figure. He always offers me choices, and when I choose something he does not think is the best option, he would try to convince me to choose otherwise, but it would ultimately be up to me to decide. And I remember this right from when I was three or four years old. We would always go for rides on his little vespa to explore the latest developments in rural Singapore. He would show me high-tech farming, high-rise buildings, newest machinery and sometimes toys. I also remember riding up the hills for a few consecutive evenings just to watch an offshore island under siege of chemical fire. All these childhood memories proved to be useful when I did my professional work in my adult life. When the tides turned and I grew up, we still continue with our exploration to this day, but now with me being the lead and the guide. Still the same, rural areas, national parks, cultural districts, cities, streets and buildings.

I was very curious and googled for Aquarius dad / Aries daughter, and it described our relationship to a T. Well, we are both Tohs. Ha-ha! I got a shock when I tried to google for my relationship with my mom – turns out that she’s also an Aquarius! My parents are so different that I never imagined them to be of the same horoscope sign. Ah well, I am also so detached from my mom that I cannot find horoscopic connections other than that of her Aquarian sense of detachment. Tsk. I guess in her case, our Chinese horoscope plays a more significant role, yikes (she is literally a Tiger mom).

Self-entertainment this is. I still don’t quite buy into the idea of astrology, but it has been fun reading up and spotting patterns. đŸ˜€


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  1. I love astrology! Never thought about searching the relationship between my dad either.

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