Inner outer child

Babyboo was already asleep when I got back today. I had promised him this morning that I would come home earlier so he can chill in my room and show me (my) things. Yikes, there was so much going on today, I did not manage to make it back early enough. 😦 oh dear oh dear, and I have yoga early tomorrow morning. 😦

He was cheery this morning, and came in for my dinosaur bone. I am really surprised he remembers all these names of gems that my sister does not know at all. Somehow he seems to like fossils. I finally got back the ammolite ring he kidnapped for days, and I saw it back on my table one morning. I finally got back my himalayan quartz too. He is quite amazing at keeping things. Much better than his mom does. haha.

Too meagre a pocket of time. I can’t wait to wake up at 5am and chat with the little crystal baby. Provided he’s not grouchy. And I’m not grouchy. 😀


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  1. He sounds so adorable!!


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yes, he is! He makes me laugh so much. His words also make me think about life. 😀


      1. Little ones will do that. . even my son, who is almost 17 years old, makes me do that

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